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Identity Motivated Living™
is an expression that embodies the essence of the Christian life. Jesus Christ comes into us to dwell, creating in us new life, a new creation, and a new nature. Power wells up from this new nature, motivating us to good works out of love for God. Our new identity comes from the Father; we have Jesus living in us always; and the Holy Spirit empowers us to be more and more like Christ.
Jesus uses the term, “...I am,” to reference himself in John 8:58. Thus, the acronym I. M. Living refers to “Christ in us the hope of Glory.”
Dr. Maurice E. Wagner embraced this as a slogan for the unique concepts he discerned during his 60 years of ministry.


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God's Ideal for Marriage
The Two Will Become One

By Maurice E. Wagner, Th.M.,Ph.D.

An ideal is the ultimate goal. We seldom achieve our ideal goal, and if we do, we probably did not really have a perfect ideal.

My wife and I have been married longer than many people live, and we are dearer to each other every year of our marriage. In this series of lessons I have presented the challenges we have face together, knowing that they are challenges that others also face in marriage. A truism must never be forgotten: When you are married, you are no longer single. That means every married person has some major adjustments to make in his thinking and reacting.

Perhaps the greatest personal adjustment is managing situations where you and your spouse differ without becoming angry. Remember your marriage vows? You promised God and witnesses always to love each other. Love and anger are opposites like love and hate. Another truism is that we always become like the person we love and we become like the person we hate. Love inspires love and motivates closeness. Anger ignites an angry defense and motivates distance.

You will find this little series of studies helps you to keep the goal of marriage clearly in mind so you can find fulfillment in living with your spouse.
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