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Identity Motivated Living™
is an expression that embodies the essence of the Christian life. Jesus Christ comes into us to dwell, creating in us new life, a new creation, and a new nature. Power wells up from this new nature, motivating us to good works out of love for God. Our new identity comes from the Father; we have Jesus living in us always; and the Holy Spirit empowers us to be more and more like Christ.
Jesus uses the term, “...I am,” to reference himself in John 8:58. Thus, the acronym I. M. Living refers to “Christ in us the hope of Glory.”
Dr. Maurice E. Wagner embraced this as a slogan for the unique concepts he discerned during his 60 years of ministry.


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Rescued By Angels

By Bishop Alexis Blindabagabo

The Rwandan Genocide Reported As He Experienced It!

This personal account by Bishop Alexis describes in detail the living horror of knowing he was targeted to die – and that he could not protect himself or his family. He was a Tutsi leader, and for the simple fact of his identity, he would be killed. It was only a matter of time.
He set himself and his family, in prayer and faith, to meet his death. There was no alternative, in the midst of this genocide, where one million people were slaughtered in the streets!

But God had other plans for this man!

Here in his own words is the story of God’s rescue, time and again, of this faithful servant from a certain death sentence, one he saw being carried out daily on others.
An inspiring reminder to believers of God’s power to protect and provide, it is also a resource for courage and strength at any time, and, perhaps, specifically for these times.
You may agree with the many that believe these are the end times, when Satan shall go about seeking whom he may devour, “knowing he hath but a short time.”

This small book carries a powerful message for believers and non-believers alike, a witness and teaching tool for revealing God’s love, power, and provision, both in the physical world where rescue was “impossible,” and in the hearts of man where reconciliation without the love of God, would be an impossibility.
The insight gained by Bishop Alexis makes fascinating reading, and explores the history of Rwanda and events prior to the tragedy.
The choice of Rwandan citizens to pursue reconciliation suggests a wisdom far beyond that of those who organized and implemented this terrible blot on the history of man.
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